dmno - ISO15926-in-native-OWL ontology

latest update: 11 Feb. 2013      

NOTE - The above diagram will change


A group of OWL specialists in PCA (the POSC Caesar Association) is working on expressing ISO 15926 in native OWL. That is, in OWL2 DL. As it stands now ISO 15926 as described on this website is using OWL2 Full, that has less possibilities for reasoning. For the target of ISO 15926: Integration, Sharing, Exchange, and Hand-over of distributed Plant Lifecycle Information that is not required.

In each Template Specification a listing in FOL, First-order Logic, is included, defining the lifted version of the specified template.

Although this is too early to say, it would be appropriate in case the FOL would be mapped in that ISO15926-in-native-OWL-to-come. In that case it would be conceivable to use this tno ontology for the rdl ontology, instead of the tpl ontology.