edm - Extended Data Model ontology

latest update: 11 Feb. 2015     

NOTE - The above diagram may change


In practice situations occur where some entity types or a union or intersection of classes are missed in the Part 2 and/or Part 3 data models. That can be taken care of in the Extended Data Model (edm) ontology. It imports the geo ontology, and that imports the dm ontology. So it is also possible to create unions or intersections between Part 2 Classes and Part 3 Classes such as is required in the template DefinitionOfShapeOfClassOfIndividual.

Another use of this edm ontology is the specialization of dm:PossibleIndividual into entity types as edm:Person, edm:Organization, etc. These are required to allow for the specialization of templates for individuals.

The additions of entity types to the edm ontology is subject to (delegated) ISO approval.